Exterior Awning


PLAISANCE is a self-supporting metal awning inspired by a dismasted boat.
The strength of the concept comes from the natural effect of the mast lying on the sail. By its weight, it shapes the shaded cover in space and generates a gentle slope necessary for water drainage in case of rain.
The shrouds installed on either side of the mast provide precise adjustment of the sail’s inclination, allowing the awning to be adapted to various configurations. Suspended freely in the sky, the sail becomes the center of attention and an object itself, emphasizing its lightness and strength. Aerial sculpture with multiple variations, PLAISANCE invites users to silent, suspended contemplation. 

The powder-coated steel structure is discreet and light. For an optimal packaging of the product, it can be dismantled flat and then assembled with screws. The canvas is inserted flat with a very resistant and rot-proof plastic ring. This fastening system guarantees a homogeneous support over its entire length. The sail can thus be shaped by the mast while maintaining its watertightness and solidity. The user can also remove the sail without any material in less than a minute. Thus, the sail can be stored, cleaned or simply changed.