living table
powder coated steel
& massive oak


PENATES is a family furniture item.

A meeting object, a conversation holder, a workplace tool, the PENATES table lays the foundations of the home. As a protector of the household, the table aims to be reassuring and a symbol of stability.

Made of powder-coated steel, PENATES stands up to the scenes of life in all circumstances. It becomes the silent receptacle of the family’s heckling, silently listening and comforting its users. PENATES is available in 4, 6 or 8 person configurations, as well as an outdoor version. With a narrow width of 700mm and accompanied by benches, PENATES invites to sit together, to keep the connection to each other. 

At the conception, the frame is obtained by a laser cutting of the tubes to avoid wasting any material during the manufacturing process. Mindful of the challenges of tomorrow, the table is designed to last, as evidenced by its thick 38mm top guaranteeing a longevity of use as an inter-generational furniture. It is an object that we keep, that remains. It advocates the unconditional values of durability and reliability that symbolize the family and the home.

Sober and majestic, the PENATES table and its benches become the theater of family life.